Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting the news out...

Well, most of our friends and family now know that I am expecting Baby #4 in mid-September. I found out a few weeks ago and really wanted to make telling my husband a special event, especially since this is most likely our last one, but in the end I just blurted it out. And then I wanted to wait to tell my mom until she visits in April. I had visions of her getting of the train and just seeing my big tummy and being surprised. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait and told her over the phone the day after I told Chris.
I am going to hold out at work, though, and not tell anyone until early March when I go into my second trimester and have to bust out my maternity clothes for the 4th time. It's amazing that my maternity wardrobe has actually gotten larger than my regular wardrobe, but I guess that's what happens when everyone else who's done having kids just donates all their clothes to you. I am excited to wear some of my old favorites again and knowing this will be the last time makes it even more special for me. Once I start wearing them, perhaps I will post a few pictures of my best outfits. This will, of course, have to be when I still look "cute pregnant," not when I get really huge at the end. By month #8, I'm not sure anything looks cute on me!

Thursday, January 22, 2009