Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well this is no fun at all, but I have a pretty bad virus in the computer that's preventing me from blogging. At first it wasn't letting me post pictures but now it's not letting me post at all. So frustrating! I am now posting from the tablet but it's not letting me post pictures either. That's too bad because I've taken some pretty good ones as of late. I will try to get this situation remedied ASAP.

I started using a daily/monthly cleaning schedule as part of my New Year's Resolution, but I fell off the wagon a couple days ago. My most dreaded chore BY FAR is cleaning the bathrooms and that's on the docket for Saturday, so that's about when I started slacking. If I could afford a cleaning service just for that ONE chore, I would happily do everything else, even scooping the cat litter! I'll have to get back on track tomorrow.

The business has been picking up lately, too, with lots to do for my existing brides and a few consultations for prospective couples. It's definitely keeping me busy!

The two older boys have adjusted nicely to getting back into traditional school but have already brought home some unwanted friends: germs! Sammy's eyes are all red and goopy today so no school for him tomorrow and Owen had the flu last weekend. Yuk! This is something I didn't miss when they were home with me.

Headed to bed early to read my book club selection: "Night Road" by Kristin Hannah. Pretty good so far!

Goodnight from (finally) snowy Wisconsin!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Every year I make resolutions and every year I break them. Some people use that as an excuse to stop making them, but I still think it's a good idea. Just because you fail at something certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't keep trying! So this year, here are the resolutions I'm going to REALLY try to keep:

1. Focus on my health.
I could say that I want to lose 15 lbs like I have every other year, but that really hasn't gotten me anywhere. And at my age, who really cares if I'm a size 4? (Well, I do...sort of.) But nearing 40 (gasp!) has got me thinking about how I feel and I know that is directly affected by what I eat and what I do (as in, staying active.) So this year I am going to be more deliberate in both areas, making sure I take the time to plan healthy meals for myself (even if the kids won't eat them) and get my heart pumping every day.

2. Simplify.
Otherwise known as ORGANIZE! I am a pretty organized person and I know that because I get a rush of adrenaline when I clean and/or organize something. Pretty sick, eh? When I left my full time job in May, I really thought I would have this place organized top to bottom within a month. Well, guess what? Didn 't happen. Why? Because when you have four crazy boys, your life is more about putting out fires than anything else.
What's changing, then? I have a cleaning schedule from and it's posted just inside my kitchen pantry. I believe the reason this will help me is because each step to cleaning a room thoroughly is listed - nothing will be forgotten. And I like the idea that if you keep up with what's on the schedule, when you are done for the day, you're DONE! Like today is my living room day and so I'm not worried about anything in the kitchen, as that's going to get done on Wednesday. I'm hoping this will help me not only keep the house clean and orderly, but also free up time for me to spend with the kids rather than fretting about all the things that need to be done.

3. Make time for God.
I must admit, I've been a lazy Christian in the past few years. I go to church because I love the people there and it's nice to have a Sunday morning outing. I also know it's a good experience for the kids and they have a great youth program. But as good as our preacher is, I don't know that I really put into practice the great messages he shares each week.
I have downloaded an app on my new tablet that will have me reading the entire Bible in a year - the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice - so I'm setting aside time for that each evening once the kids are in bed. And I've also committed to praying with them EVERY night before bed (something that's been hit-or-miss) in the past and to saying grace before dinner. I also want to spend more time outside enjoying God's creation. I think that's a great way to honor Him and remember how awesome He really is.

4. Love more.
This one will probably be pretty difficult for me. I find that I've gotten so busy and preoccupied that I don't take the time to really FEEL anymore. My mind is constantly racing with the next thing to do and I worry something will be forgotten. But what I've forgotten to do a LOT is just to love my kids, my husband, my friends and family. That's tough for me to admit, but I'm going to change it in 2012.

So that's how I'm going to reinvent myself in 2012. Wish me luck!