Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer! (finally!)

Well, it was a LOOONG cold winter here in Wisconsin!  Yes, I'm still moaning about it because it truly hasn't felt like we had much of a spring either.  But today....oh, today....you. were. glorious!  82 and sunny - we'll take it!!!  We spent the afternoon at our favorite little lake and my lovely neighbor, seeing my post on Facebook, even met us up there for a bit. 

The real reason I love going to the beach is because I get to dress Luke in this "Tiggy Towel."  Hopefully he'll love it for at least another 10 or 12 years.
We had a BIG event last week:  William became the first person in our family to graduate from preschool!  Yay, William! 
Preschool wasn't offered when Chris and I were kids - at least not that I know of - and it wasn't offered in our school district until last year, so the older two boys never had the option. I waffled a lot on whether or not to send him because it was quite a drive - 20 minutes each way, so a total of almost an hour and a half in the car every day - but ultimately, I'm glad I did it.  Not only did he enjoy the heck out of it,  but I realized that it was really special for me to get that one-on-one time with him every morning in the car.  We had lots of nice talks and he loved to read the books he brought home with him to me.  I also loved hearing all about how the day went, when he would always tell me what kid "threw a fit."
On Friday, they held "Farewell Fun Day" at a park and although it was a bit chilly at first, we all had a great time.  I brought all the boys with me, of course.  You can see Luke fit right in...

 I had to snap a shot of this girl, who William had a little crush on.  He liked her because she was a "good listener" - to the teachers, not to him.
I'm so proud of William.  When I sent him to preschool, it was more than anything to get a BREAK from him.  We used to call him "The Kracken" as in, "UNLEASH THE KRACKEN!" when we woke him up from his nap.  There were times I really thought he might have a split personality.  He coined the phrase, "That's it!  I'm going to a new house!" 
But all that changed almost immediately upon going to preschool.  He learned right away that he did NOT want to get in trouble in school and that translated to home, too.  I credit his teachers with making him so eager to please.  They were both so wonderful to him!
One of them told me that once - ONCE! - she had to correct him a second time for doing something (drumming on a tabletop) and he started welling up with tears.  She realized how sensitive he was and was very careful with how she handled him after that.  She told me she loved how respectful he was of all his teachers and of the other kids, too.
I had considered sending him to kindergarten next year since I know he'd love it, but ultimately I've opted to keep him home with his brothers.  I could handle another 1/2 day schedule, but part with him for a full 8 hours a day?  Not a chance!  I tell the kids all the time that a big part of the reason I homeschool them is because they're MY kids and I simply love them too much to part with them for such a large portion of the day. 
I'll do a post soon on my plans for next year's schooling.  I'm so excited about it!