Friday, July 23, 2010

Busy Summer

Oh gosh, I'm too embarrassed to even look to see when I last posted anything on this blog. The summer's been so busy for me and it's just flying by. It's so hard to believe it's almost August, but at the same time I can't WAIT until the fall!

We just wrapped up a whirlwind of activity. My in-laws came to visit on July 3rd for a whole week. Owen's birthday was on July 7 and we had his birthday party at the gymnastics center in town on Saturday the 10th. Chris's sister and her family rented an RV and came up for that and then continued on to the Dells for the remainder of the week. We had about 17 kids total at the party and it was really fun. Here are a couple of pictures from the day...

My big boy is 7 years old now!
Can you find me in this picture?

The Sunday after the party, Owen and Sammy took off to MI with my in-laws. I was so sad to see them drive away. Chris was working until 8pm so I was alone with the two little guys and it just seemed so EMPTY without those two running around! But I got over it and came to enjoy that week with William and Luke because we were able to focus on them. They seemed to like all the attention as well.
Luke with his Nana during their visit. Can't you just see the love between them???

Last Saturday, we packed up the two little ones and drove to MI to collect their brothers and to help celebrate my older brother's 40th (gulp!) birthday. We stayed until Wednesday and got to go to the Toledo Zoo (my fave zoo!) and a great pool near my mom's house where the boys showed off the new swimming skills they had acquired while they were at Nana and Pa's house.

So it seems like July went past in just a blink of an eye and now we have just a few short weeks left before TWO of the boys will go to school. How did this happen? How did my babies grow up so fast??? How am I ever going be able to live in a house with FIVE MEN??? EEGADS!

Owen's Nana taught him how to catch fireflies while she was here.

They were so over excited for the birthday party, they crashed HARD right before and we had to wake them up to go.

My boys at Chuck E Cheese on Owen's actual birthday, July 7.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sometimes the smallest feet leave the largest footprints.