Sunday, October 16, 2011


Our local library has the BEST programs. I take the boys there every Tuesday morning for Tiny Tots. William and Luke get to sing songs, learn rhymes, listen to stories and do a craft. Miss Pattie is the lovliest woman; she knows all the kids by name and is so warm and sweet. Both my boys give her hugs before we leave and I can tell she is genuinely touched by these little guys.

Last week we made a special Wednesday trip to the library for the "Messy Art Club," which meets every other week. They were offering fingerpainting, which is something I would love for the kids to do more of but NOT in my house!
Things started out very nicely. Note the CLEAN white aprons...

William was BY FAR my neatest artist. He had one finger for each color and there was NO mixing!

You can see there was some serious mixing with the older boys, but thankfully they were able to take care of cleaning up their own mess.

Speaking of mess...

YUK! Not only did he squish the paint through his fingers and then smear it up his arms, he wanted to touch everything and everyone in the room! I just BARELY spared the American Flag! I cleaned him up three times in one hour and each time he screamed bloody murder and thrashed about wildly.

I brought changes of clothing for all the boys, but not for myself which was a mistake. Oh well. I doubt people who see me out with four boys in tow expect me to be put-together anyway.