Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well this is no fun at all, but I have a pretty bad virus in the computer that's preventing me from blogging. At first it wasn't letting me post pictures but now it's not letting me post at all. So frustrating! I am now posting from the tablet but it's not letting me post pictures either. That's too bad because I've taken some pretty good ones as of late. I will try to get this situation remedied ASAP.

I started using a daily/monthly cleaning schedule as part of my New Year's Resolution, but I fell off the wagon a couple days ago. My most dreaded chore BY FAR is cleaning the bathrooms and that's on the docket for Saturday, so that's about when I started slacking. If I could afford a cleaning service just for that ONE chore, I would happily do everything else, even scooping the cat litter! I'll have to get back on track tomorrow.

The business has been picking up lately, too, with lots to do for my existing brides and a few consultations for prospective couples. It's definitely keeping me busy!

The two older boys have adjusted nicely to getting back into traditional school but have already brought home some unwanted friends: germs! Sammy's eyes are all red and goopy today so no school for him tomorrow and Owen had the flu last weekend. Yuk! This is something I didn't miss when they were home with me.

Headed to bed early to read my book club selection: "Night Road" by Kristin Hannah. Pretty good so far!

Goodnight from (finally) snowy Wisconsin!

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