Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wow, it's been a long time!  I don't even recognize the "new" look of Blogger (which might be 6 months old by now!) It's been busy around here, to say the least. 

I over-commit myself all the time - have I mentioned that before?  I think it's because I'm competitive and want to challenge myself all the time, but I'm certainly not about to do a triathalon or anything.  (Although that would be AMAZING, wouldn't it?)  So this week I am committed as such:

6:15am - Neighbor girl arrives, as her normal sitter is on vacation. 
7am - Hopefully I'm done with my shower so I can focus on waking up the boys and making breakfast for 5, instead of 4
8:15am - Everyone (including neighbor girl) out the door to go to VBS at our church
9am - 12pm - Work in the nursery at VBS, caring for the 3 and unders of the teachers.  (Had to change TWO diapers today - boy, I sure don't miss that mess!!!)
12:30pm - Back home (send neighbor girl home) and get the boys lunch
1:30pm - Struggle to get at least one of the younger two down for a nap
Afternoon - try to get some work done - I have three weddings in the next two weeks!  YIKES!
2:30pm - Mumble something to Chris as he's on his way out the door to work.  Perhaps "Who are you again?"  It sure feels like that most of the time!

Then the rest of the afternoon is usually spent breaking up fights, trying to keep them from killing the new kitten (oh - didn't I mention we recently added a third pet to the mix?) and debating whether or not to turn on the A/C.  (I've found when it's off, they spend more time outside so it's worth a little sweat to promote that, I feel.)  After dinner, there's showers/baths and bedtime, then more of my busy-work.  WHEW!  At this rate, summer is REALLY flying by!

We are doing virtual school for my two older boys this year.  It's worth a try.  Homeschooling myself turned out to be a lot more than I could handle, esp with my start-up business, and I feel public school wasn't working for either of them for different reasons.  I am still planning on sending William out to pre-school because he will love it and it will also make things around here a lot quieter for the older boys doing their schoolwork.  We should be all set with enrollment and look forward to receiving the computers and other materials in a few weeks.

I'm excited for the school year to start, because it always feels like a great time to get organized.  To that end, I splurged and ordered myself an Erin Condren planner.  I can't wait to get it!!!  It should be here in a couple of weeks and it starts in September, so that will give me ample time to get it all set up.  I am thinking about doing a vlog review on it when I get it, so stay tuned for that.  Before I ordered it I watched a ton of YouTube reviews on it, so I'll get a kick out of doing my own, I think.

Hope everyone out there in blog-land is having a great summer!

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