Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finally...a break...


That's how I feel after these first three weeks in August where I had one wedding after another.  I'm still busy now - don't get me wrong - but it's nothing like being so "in demand" with brides who are getting a little nutty.

I think back a lot to my own wedding eleven years ago and am soooo glad I knew virtually NOTHING about weddings.  Sure, I had been to a few at that point in my life (I was almost 30!) but had never really paid much attention to them.  The internet was a new thing back then and nobody had even begun to dream up Pinterest. (THANK GOD!)  So I was pretty happy with my hokey little bud vases on the tables, never considered how many servers I should have based on my guest count, didn't even bother with a contract or anything in writing from the restaurant.  I basically just told them we were coming on May 26th at 2pm and there would be about 60 of us. 

Thankfully, I did have a friend at work who talked me through a few things.  She asked me what music I would walk down the aisle to.  You mean I have a choice???  Seriously, I had NO idea!  But that's good, because I see a lot of brides knocking themselves out, overthinking every single little detail.  Really?  Is this how you want to remember the weeks leading up to your wedding?  Do you want it to be stressful and crazy and to feel like you might regret choosing one flower in the bouquet over another?  Ultimately, those of us who've been married a few years know that NONE of it matters. 

The only thing that REALLY matters is that you are surrounded by the love and support of your family and friends as you say the most important words you will ever say.  If I could advise my brides any way, I would tell them to spend more time mulling over the BIG decision of the marriage and don't worry so much about all the little wedding decisions.  No matter what it looks like, as long as there is love and commitment a wedding is a beautiful thing.

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