Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michigan Trip - Part 1

First, a picture of the cutest little boy in the whole world:

At long last, here are some of the pictures from our trip to Michigan last week. It's been hectic trying to get back in the swing of things with the 4 kids and Chris has been working a lot of hours, so that's my excuse.
Anyway, we started out last Saturday around 5pm and the trip itself went really smooth. All 4 boys were very good travelers and loved the snacks we packed. William was SO excited to have his two friends, Coco (the koala) and Foof Foof (the dog) with him in the car. He talked to them non-stop for about the first hour of the trip.
Although the car ride went well, the rest of the night was awful! We got in at around 1am and the kids were wide awake, especially William. It was very difficult getting him back to sleep so Sunday was a rough day. Chris and I were like zombies! Thankfully, we didn't have much to do that day, as my mom made us dinner. While there, I discovered that as long as my family was around I had at least two GREAT babysitters. Here's my sister with Luke. This is pretty much how she spent the whole week:

My other babysitter is my sweet niece, Megan. She will be 5 in December and is OBSESSED with babies. All she wanted to do was help me with Baby Luke. Here's a picture of her watching intently as my sister changed him:
My brother and his wife were kind enough to lend her to us when we went to the Toledo Zoo last Tuesday. What a fantastic day we had! I would guess there were less than 100 people in the zoo at any given time. That day was reasonably mild and overcast and we had the place practically to ourselves. In addition to my family, my sister and her husband came with their two daughters and my mom, of course. Here's a picture of all the kids:

I asked Megan if she would be my little girl for the day because I don't have any little girls. She took this role VERY seriously and held my hand the entire day. Before we left Michigan, I begged my brother to let me borrow her but he was unwilling. I guess next time I'll have to offer cold hard cash or something. She's such a doll! I might also be willing to offer cash to borrow my sister's oldest daughter, Elizabeth, who's almost 16 and was a HUGE help with the boys!

It's bath night tonight, so I'll have to split the recap of our trip into two posts. Back with pictures from Halloween a bit later! Hope you're all having a great weekend and enjoying the kind of Indian Summer weather we're having up here in Wisconsin. It's so beautiful!

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