Thursday, December 31, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Money was a bit tight this year for our family, as I'm sure it was for many other families out there. With me just coming off maternity leave and Chris having his hours cut at work, I decided to make a few of our Christmas gifts. Here are some pictures of my efforts:

These elf ornaments were and idea from and they were very easy and fun to do. I made one set for my mom and one for my mother in law. It took a long time to stitch together the hats, mittens and shoes but I found it to be very soothing.

I made sure Sammy's elf had an orange hat since he has orange hair and all the boys had blue eyes except for Luke, who has brown eyes.

These are the ribbon barrettes I made for my nieces to accompany their copies of my favorite movie, "Xanadu." I always dreamed I would pass on my love for that movie to my own daughter, but I guess passing it on to my nieces is the next best thing. I was really impressed I was able to make these just from the memory of how the ones I had 25+ years ago looked. Does anyone else remember these?


Michele R said...

I can relate to the girls' hair thing. I always thought I would have a daughter to French braid her hair. Fortunately I had nieces who let me do it.
Your crafts were super cute.

lisa said...

i totally remember making those barrettes! good job on remembering how to make them! what a fun gift for the girls!