Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goodbye, Two-Year-Old

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today, as I say goodbye to having a two year old in the house.  Although I'm ready to be done with having babies:  loooong pregnancies, peeing every 15 minutes, OUCH labors, nursing (well, really it was the pumping I could have lived without), sleepless nights with a sick little one, etc, I'm not ready to be done with having toddlers.  Especially this one...
It figures that when you get to #4 he ends up being the sweetest, most good-natured child EVER.  I don't know why he's so good and so laid back.  Maybe it's because he has 3 older brothers so he just kinda goes with the flow.  Or maybe I'm different with him than I was with the older ones.  Either way, I have enjoyed EVERY SECOND of him being two years old and will miss my two year old tomorrow when he turns three.
To celebrate, we went for his very first dental exam.

Look how tiny he looks in that big chair!  He wasn't scared at all.  He watched her clean William's teeth
and then hopped right up in the chair and opened his mouth.  The hygenist was pretty impressed! 
As expected, the dentist told me to try to get Luke to stop sucking his thumb, as it's messing up his bottom front teeth. 
I guess he has a bit of an underbite, too, so they're gonna keep an eye on that in years to come. 
No cavities, though, (for any of the boys, actually) so I was happy about that.

Tomorrow we will spend the day as a family, celebrating the miracle of having this little guy in our lives.  We honestly don't know how we could have ever lived without him. 
Happy Birthday, Luke!

 Smiling for the picture, but I don't miss being this big.


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