Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Name Game

You would think that after basically over 6 years of looking through boy names, it would be easy for us to come up with one for the new baby but we are officially STUMPED! We had a pretty easy time picking Owen's name - we wanted something that didn't have a nickname to it because there are so many names out there that we liked but didn't like the corresponding nicknames. And with Sammy, I was so sure he was a boy that he was pretty much named the minute we got the ultrasound results. William was tougher. We didn't have an ultrasound, but I was 100% convinced he was a girl so refused to "waste" any time picking out a boy name. He was 7 days overdue when Chris finally forced me to discuss it with him. We waffled between Jack and Luke for a while and then I said "What about William? Didn't we use to like that name?" and he said "That's it - William." I really appreciated the decisiveness, since I was just not up for any more discussion at that point. I'm also glad he pinned me down on that because I was pretty much in shock when William was born, so at least I didn't have that decision to make.

Anyway, that brings us to this baby. There are no names that have really GRABBED me. I feel like we've used up all the ones we like already! All the middle names have been family names: Owen Robert (after Chris's uncle), Samuel David (after my dad) and William Gregory (after Chris's dad). I think the middle name for #4 should be Christopher, but I am really struggling finding a first name that sounds good with it. Also, my main concern with naming all the kids has been making sure it's a name that will look good at the top of a resume. So I think I need something very classic and timeless.

I know we have another 7 weeks or more until this baby makes his appearance but it would be nice to have this all settled. There are names I like and names Chris likes, but none that we've truly agreed on. If it were up to Owen and Sammy the baby would be named Darth Vader. Well, that would be one way to get your resume noticed!

On a side note, I am loving William's way of addressing his brothers. He is heavy into babbling now and knows exactly what he's saying. He's my first babbler. Owen really didn't even try to talk until after he was 2 and had the words down. Sammy started talking in FULL sentences by 18 months and was perfectly clear about them. At 20 months old, he said to me: "Mama, can you get off the couch and get the phone so I can call Nana." WHAT??? He was absolutely amazing and grew up WAY too fast!

But William acts very much like the 19 month old he is and babbles CONSTANTLY! He calls Sammy "Mammy" which reminds me of Gone with the Wind. The way he says Owen's name is really tough to translate so I won't even try. It's hard to believe that in a few weeks he won't be the baby anymore! I worry about how he'll react to the new baby because I do think he likes his current position in the family. But of course by having them just 21 months apart, eventually he won't even remember what life was like before his little brother arrived. Besides, they are ALL my babies and I know they always will be.

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