Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Many Faces of "Coo"

Why is it I only increased my number of kids by 25% when I had Luke, but it seems like my workload has increased by around 300%??? Whatever it is, I certainly haven't had time to blog. But here are some pictures of my Luke, who is exactly 4 months old today. He sure is a charmer!

We have ALL been sick for the last week, including my poor little baby. It's so hard when the tiniest ones are sick, isn't it? He spends his nights gasping for air and there's so little we can do to help him. I pray we get over this soon and that this bout with the dreaded common cold fortifies our immune systems so that we're all clear for the rest of the winter.


Michele R said...

I hope everyone is well! Poor little guy. I agree-hopefully it means he is building his immune system. My 3 guys had strep throat the past few weeks. But that is just a sore throat, some meds and they are done.
Loved seeing the round disc sleds for Christmas!

Jane Kaylor said...

sore throat is not a lot of fun its just uncomfortable and difficult to swallow.

usually, i would take the Nim Jiom Cough Syrup ( ) which has a thick consistency formulation. it coats the throat and includes herbs that are particularly good for that application.