Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring has sprung!

We're hitting the mid-60's this week in Wisconsin and loving every sunny, warm minute of it! Funny how it's nearly impossible to have a bad day when the weather is this nice, at least that's true for me anyway. I heard we will be getting a bit of snow on Saturday (BOO!) but we definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel now and are excited for spring.

Check out Mr. Kisses...he loves to grab faces and pull them in for sloppy, drooly kisses.

Luke is just about 6 months old now so he's loving his baby food. His favorite seems to be bananas. Yum! He is also starting to "combat crawl" so we have to be careful he doesn't get a hold of anything small he might choke on. Rubber snakes make the perfect teethers - who knew?
In other news...

I gave up all sweets for Lent and am having a bit of a rough time with it. The first couple of weeks were ok, but it's starting to really wear on me. I haven't given up ALL sweet things - I drink soda and put syrup on my waffles - but I gave up cookies, cake, pie, candy, etc. I knew it would be difficult since I would rather eat a plateful of sweets than anything else.

I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for many years but don't consider myself Catholic. I do, however, still believe in the Lenten tradition of giving up something. I find myself thinking of Jesus every time I want a sweet (which is a LOT!!!) and all that He gave up for me and my sacrifice seems so small. As I said, it's wearing on me in these last couple weeks of Lent but it's also keeping me focused on Him.

I will be especially focused on Him on my birthday which, sadly, is next week. No birthday cake for me this year! I am hoping to figure out a good birthday outing for us instead. Chris has to work all day on my birthday, but has the next day off so we could have a family day or I could get a sitter and go out with Chris alone. I haven't yet decided what I want to do, but am leaning toward taking the kids somewhere fun.

We're starting in on a big project here at the house involving painting and re-arranging all 3 bedrooms. Chris and I are giving up our master bedroom so we can bunk all 4 boys together. I will be sad to not have our own bathroom but the thing I'll miss most is that beautiful walk-in closet. We don't spend much time in our bedroom, though, so the kids need the space more than we do. It's always hard to do work around the house when there are kids around, especially a 2 year old and an infant. Wish us luck with this one! I'll be sure to post pictures of our progress.

Regarding my recent book reviews, I did finish "My Sister's Keeper" and loved it. It was so very sad, especially the parts written from the point of view of the mother. For anyone who doesn't know the basic premise, it's about a family whose 2 year old daughter gets leukemia (a rare form) and they genetically engineer a sister for her who is a "match" so they can use the baby's cord blood for a transplant. I have heard that the ending in the book is completely different from the ending in the book and am now very curious to see the movie. The problem is, the book was so heartwrenching and I don't think I can go through the story again. Anyone out there want to shed some light on how the movie ends?


Michele R said...

So much good stuff here on which to comment!
First, loved the rubber snake teething photo. Showed it to my boys and they cracked up.
Also, what is with the "do-rag" on Luke's head in the high-chair? Adorable!
So you will have two bunk beds eventually in the boys' room? I can see that. When mine were ages 6,4 and 2 we had bunk beds plus a twin. We had one dresser in there and another for them located in our computer/guest/misc room. Then, we had a “formal” dining room that we used for their bookshelves and tables for homework/toy bin/arts & crafts. So their bedroom was just where they slept and kept clothes and some stuff.
Maybe you can keep half of their closet for some of your stuff that you don’t use all the time.
The Kissing Grabber photo is a riot!
I have the Sister’s Keeper book but not yet read it and have not seen the movie.

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