Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time Out!

Sorry to both my readers out there (ha ha!) but I have had to focus more on my work blog than on this personal/family blog lately, hence the lack of posts and pictures. And we cancelled our internet at home - BOO! - due to really bad service from our new provider. Once we figure out how to get it back up and running, you will see new pictures of the kids driving, going to prom and getting married. Just kidding! It won't be that long - I promise!

Take care of yourselves out there and if you get a chance, check out my new favorite blogger, Kelle at A friend of mine posted Nella's Birth Story on Facebook last week and I must have read it 5 times and BAWLED (in a good way!) every time. I'm probably going to lose both my followers (man, that joke just never gets old to me, does it?) to her blog since it's so well written and with GORGEOUS pictures but it's ok. It's too good to keep to myself. ENJOY!