Tuesday, April 13, 2010

YAY for Owen!

I haven't been really good about posting these days and part of the reason is I've actually started a blog for work as well, so that needs to be my focus right now. But my heart is filled with pride as I found out today that Owen was the first place winner of his class's spelling bee today. HOORAY! We studied the words with him and he's a great speller anyway, but I worried he would rush and not THINK before he spoke and that would have him make a silly error. Part of that worry stems from my 2nd place finish in my school spelling bee in the 4th grade. I was ROBBED! The word was "their" and I spelled it T-H-E-R-E because I had forgotten to ask for it in a sentence. This has haunted me ever since. I could have won a BRAND NEW BIBLE but instead I went home with NOTHING! :(

Anyway, just wanted to share that awesome news. I'll be back with some pictures soon!