Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun at School

Happy Halloween to all! The boys have been OBSESSED with Michael Jackson lately, especially since watching the "Thriller" video more than a few times on the computer. They are so cute trying to copy the dance moves in their MJ outfits (above)

The boys' nana is in town this week to help them with their actual Halloween costumes, which I'll post pictures of hopefully early next week. She was glad to come in this week because she got to go to their school on Wednesday to have lunch and participate in Sammy's Halloween party.
These are the treats we made: Oreo spiders (with a few "albino" ones thrown in, per Chris's suggestion) and banana ghosts. Check out this table full of food for the kindergarteners! I was a big fan of the "fingers" made from string cheese with a piece of pepper for the fingernail. YUM!
There were a few fun crafts for the kids to do, including making jack-o-lantern treat bags, ghost hand puppets and cookie decorating.

This is Sammy's best friend, Ryan. He talks about him all the time. But certainly the best part of the day for him was sharing it with his Nana!
Back with Halloween pics in a few days - I promise! Have a great weekend!

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