Monday, November 1, 2010


We sure did have fun this year! The boys got to wear their costumes for a haunted walk through the woods on Saturday night and then again for trick-or-treating last night. As you can see, they were all zombies, except for Luke who wore Owen's old gorilla costume. Last year we spent Halloween in Michigan and none of the kids were that into the trick-or-treating, but this year they all loved it, especially William. He loved that he got to be something scary, just like his older brothers.

When we got home, Owen took off his Michael Jackson wig right away because it was itchy. William, who up until then had had to wear that silly little blanket as his "hair", was thrilled to take it from him. He immediately laid face down on the floor and did a scary "rising from the grave" routine while singing "Thriller." He slept in the wig and wore it at breakfast this morning, too. He's so funny and entertaining!

I'm trying to avoid the candy but we'll see how long that lasts. I really need to bring it into work, where I'm sure a pack of ravenous wolves (my co-workers) will devour it in no time flat!

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