Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Christmas Tree - Part 1

It's not often between school and work that we all have a day off as a family, but this Sunday was one of those lucky days. Not only were we lucky enough to have a day to spend together, but we also had just gotten our first snow on Saturday so it turned out to be the perfect day to get our Christmas tree.

Cutting down our own tree is a tradition for us now and this is our 3rd year. Growing up in metro Detroit, there weren't exactly a plethora of tree farms so 2008 was the first year either Chris or I had done it and we were instantly HOOKED! In fact, 2008 also marks the first year Chris had EVER had a real tree! Amazing!

Anyway, here are some pictures. You might remember that we went WAY overboard last year with our 12' tree. This year we kept ourselves under control and stuck to about a 6 footer, especially knowing it would be elevated. (more on that later)

We bring our own saw. I think this is the only time it gets used all year.
The tree looks really small in this picture, doesn't it?

Chris just about killed himself dragging the overly huge tree out last year, so this one was a piece of cake for him.
Loaded up and ready to go home....just as soon as the kids are done on the sledding hill. Well, half of the kids anyway. These two were content to sit in the warm car sucking on candy canes.

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