Monday, January 24, 2011

Life with Just Two

Nothing new to post, really. It's the long cold winter up here in Wisconsin where we just hole-up and watch TV (well, mostly football - GO PACK GO!). Oh, and I've been watching the new American Idol and am becoming a bit of a J. Lo fan. She just seems so nice, doesn't she? I watch The Bachelor, too, but mostly for the laughs. I'm REALLY excited to watch the new Survivor that starts next month. I'm a HUGE fan of Boston Rob so will be rooting for him all the way against the EVIL Russell.

Anyway, we pulled all our old pictures off the laptop and loaded them onto the new computer and I came across lots of fun pictures from when we only had Owen and Sammy. They were so cute (and so chubby looking!) and I was fondly recalling the relative peace and quiet of a house with just two boys. Enjoy!
Owen and Sammy are 19 months apart. They've been best buds from the start. The above picture was taken right around Sammy's first birthday.
This one is from our first Christmas in WI, so Sammy was around 18 mos old and Owen was 3.5.

Our first summer in the new house. Owen turned 4 and Sammy was 2.5

Our first Halloween in WI. I love how Sammy was "double-fisted" with his candy.

Their hair looks ATROCIOUS! This was back when we used to pay for their haircuts so it got really long in between. Thankfully, Chris cuts their hair now. We'd go broke, otherwise!
I saw that Daylight Savings Time starts around March 12 this year, which means spring will be here before we know it! What about spring do you look forward to the most? For me, I just love to open the windows in the house and smell the fresh air. I am also REALLY looking forward to cleaning out the GARAGE! What a MESS!

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