Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shirts vs. Skins

I've been struggling with the lack of pajamas for my older boys now that the weather has finally gotten warmer. They have outgrown all their cute summer pj's from last year (except some Thomas the Tank Engine pj's, but they scoff at wearing those. "Too babyish.")

So I went to Walmart yesterday (that mecca of fashion that it is) and realized my expectations for summer pj's for boys has been all wrong. There were racks and racks of pajama bottoms, but no shirts to go with them. So maybe, I thought, the thing is for boys to just sleep shirtless. Is this correct? Well it was last night at our house...
And I decided to let the two little boys get in on the action, too, since they copy everything their older brothers do. (I saved them the trouble of taking their own shirts off later.)

With all these shirtless boys, I REALLY feel outnumbered. (But I love it!)

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