Friday, June 3, 2011

So how's it going?

Ok, it's been almost a full three weeks since I officially became a SAHM (or WAHM, if this business of mine starts to pick up.) This is a life I've dreamed about for YEARS and I'm now assessing if it's really all I thought it would be.

The answer is YES! I would say the only thing that's a bit surprising to me is how busy I am - MUCH, MUCH busier than when I was sitting at a desk for 9.5 hours a day. I swear, I get up by 6am and never stop until around 9pm. There are moments of down-time (like right now) but for the most part I am 100% productive from the time I wake until about an hour before I turn in.

Here's a look at my daily schedule right now:

5:45am - wake and dress to walk the dog. We walk for 2 miles and then I go across the street to the steps that lead down to the lake. That's where I have a few quiet moments of prayer before I officially start my day.
6:40am - Home from the walk. I have a few minutes to feed the dog, check emails and figure out what's for breakfast.
7am - Time to get everyone up. We have 45 minutes to get all 4 dressed, fed, teeth brushed, etc before we head out to the bus stop.
8am - Wave goodbye to the bus and then home to play with the two little boys. It's been nice lately so they like to be outside a lot.
9am - MAMA TIME! I sit them down in front of "Super Why" and have a quick 1/2 hour to shower/dry hair/etc. One great thing about not working - NO MAKE-UP most days. WOO HOO!
9:30am - Back outside for more play or stay in and play. Yesterday we did fingerpainting and then, of course, baths. I start laundry at this time, too, so I can get at least one load through before lunch.
11am - Sesame Street is on and that's a great occupier while I fix lunch.
11:30am - Lunch
12pm - Bottle for Luke, stories for William and then NAPS! I'll admit, I like to fall asleep with William for a bit but am usually up after just a few minutes. Today it was 10 minutes - just enough to get me revved up for the rest of the day.
2:30pm - Need to wake the boys at this point, otherwise they will be up all night. We play some more and maybe I do a bit of spot cleaning (depending on how much I got done during their naps) before we head to the bus stop.
3:30pm - YAY! The bus is here and I get to talk to Owen and Sammy about their day at school. I just love that short walk home when they talk excitedly about things that happened. It's something I've always wanted to do with them and it's lived up to all my expectations.
4:30pm - after more play time, I have to start dinner. I usually make something terribly disgusting, like last night's meatloaf muffins, mashed potatoes and fresh carrots, so as to gross them all out. (sarcasm) I have the older boys do their homework while I'm working on dinner and the little boys just play (or fight) for a bit.
6pm - After dinner it's whatever we want to do. Most evenings we go for a walk, maybe a bike ride. Last night I took them to the McDonald's playland and you'd have thought I took them to Disneyworld - they were SOOOO appreciative. (I really should take them out more, huh?) We even got the 49 cent ice cream cones for the ride home. YUM!
8pm - PJ's and bed time. I let them watch TV until around 9pm if they're good. Of course Luke is still in his own room so he doesn't stay up past 8pm but that will be changing soon, since I need him to give up his room for my home office.
9pm - End of my "workday." It's a lot longer day than I used to have but a LOT more rewarding and I feel so blessed every day to be able to stay home now.

Gotta get back to being productive (blogging doesn't fall into that category, sorry!) and will have to fill y'all in on what I do with that FREE 2.5 hours I have while the babies nap. :)

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