Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sleep, anyone?

Anyone who's been in their first trimester of pregnancy knows sleep becomes your body's main requirement. I guess I can't blame myself, I mean I AM building a whole other person inside me right now! But as any mother of small children also knows, sleep can be VERY elusive and not just for one or two nights, but for a loooooong stretch!
So it was last night when I crumbled into bed after running errands with the kids until almost 9pm and not getting a lot of sleep the night before. There were a couple odd trips to the bathroom (another nice pregnancy bonus) between 9:30 and midnight but then it looked like I might be able to get at least 6 hours of solid shut-eye.
Not so, unfortunately. Shortly after midnight, I awoke to my 5 year old yelling for "Daddy." (Daddy, meanwhile, never missed a snore!) I immediately went across the hall to find him sitting up in his bed in a pool of vomit. UGH! I did get my husband up at that point and to his credit, he snapped to attention, cleaning up the foul linens and getting our son stripped for an impromptu tubby. Needless to say, sleep was elusive after this incident as well since I had one ear on him the whole night for round two, which thankfully never came.
So maybe tonight will be different and I'll be able to get some much-needed zzz's. Wish me luck!

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