Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, we are in the middle of a visit from my mother and father in law. I've worked almost the whole time they've been here, so not much time to spend with them yet but they know instinctively how to butter me up: Faygo redpop, fresh from Michigan. Aaaaahhhhh! It's like they brought a childhood friend I hadn't seen in many years: a sweet, sugary, refreshing childhood friend!
We decided to roll William's crib into our room and allow them to have their own room, complete with our handy-dandy Aerobed. Unfortunately, William despises change and so even though he's in his own bed, being in a different room is almost more than the poor guy can take. Subsequently, sleep has been hard to come by for all of us this week.
Since moving away from our families in the summer of 2006, we've gone through some challenges as any family would, not having dependable (and free!) babysitting available. But overall, the move has been a good thing for us. We have learned to be very independant and it means the time we do get to spend with family, whether at our home or when we travel to MI, is QUALITY time and we truly appreciate it.

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