Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Beginnings

It was Owen's first day of first grade today. I wasn't sad this time - I think we were all really excited more than anything. Well, almost all of us were excited...

I guess Sammy was a tad sorry to see his best buddy leave for the day, but he will adjust quickly since he loves babies and he'll soon have TWO to play with. (As well as his mama, who starts maternity leave tomorrow - YIPPEE!)

(Pay no attention to that GINORMOUS being that waddled into this shot.)

We are looking forward to a MUCH better year for Owen. Last year he went from completely unstructured days to full-day kindergarten. It was a really tough adjustment for him and it showed in his interactions with the teacher as well as some of the other students. Today Owen found his way to his locker all by himself and seemed to settle in just fine. In fact, when he got off the bus he said to Chris, "You have no idea how great it was!" Good for you, Owen! I hope you have a GREAT year!


Michele Renee said...

What terrific pictures of all of you guys!! I love them all. I love the one of you too! I think you look great and you must take more photos this week!
Hope the midwife appt went well today.
I cannot believe you're wearing a sweater!! (which is so cute by the way). It was 92 degrees on way home from work today. Some crazy lady was jogging in the street on the way home. I took a photo.

Breadwinner Wife said...

Enjoy your maternity leave! My sister's 5-yr-old started kindergarten a couple weeks ago, and her 3-yr-old was upset because she was going to miss her big sister!