Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have really been procrastinating and have not yet packed my hospital bag, even though my official due date is in just two days. I went late with the other 3 boys, so I fully expect it will be another full week before this baby arrives but it probably would still be a good idea to get everything together. I'm going to do that today. I am a little spoiled since I had a homebirth last time so it's been almost 5 years since I've had to do this. I'm not even 100% sure what to pack, except I couldn't possibly forget these:

These are my lucky labor socks. I have worn them for all three births. Someone I worked with got them for me years ago because I collect pigs. (Well, not so much anymore because my house became overrun with them.) When I was packing my hospital bag for Owen's birth, I had read on the internet a list of things to take and one was socks/slippers because the floors would be cold. They also recommended not bringing anything you weren't prepared to have ruined in all the messiness that is childbirth.

So I packed these horribly ugly socks, half hoping they would get ruined. My labor with Owen was sooooooo long (25 hours) and I was blacking out between contractions by the time I got to the end. At one point I remember coming-to and hearing the dr talking about how she didn't want to get anything on my "cute socks." I yelled at her to please ruin them because they're so ugly. Clearly, it didn't happen because they are still around 6 years later and will be accompanying me to the hospital for the last time in just a few days.

In other news, my mom arrived on Thursday night and is here to help me this weekend - THANK GOD! Chris is working 16 hours today and 12 hours tomorrow so it's great to have someone here to help me with the kids. My next midwife appt is on Tuesday and I'm sure at that point she will schedule a non-stress test for me to make sure all is well with the baby, although I can already tell you he's fine and kicking me like crazy! I really am hoping the baby comes sometime soon because my back is killing me so badly and sleep is near impossible now, as I have about a 45 minute timeclock on my bladder.

I'll keep the blog posted!


Ashley said...

good luck! i hope you have a short quick delivery! i will be watching your blog that he has arrived safe and sound! take care!!

Michele Renee said...

Maybe he will arrive so fast that you won't get to the hospital! Just kidding. Cute socks story. I had two boys in hosp and one at home. For the last hosp birth I wore a big, long t-shirt when I got there and big lime green socks. I wanted certain music not only for birth but also for that time in room after the birth (baby lullaby stuff).
Hope you get a little bit of sleep. Good luck and keep us posted!!! What sizes were you other three babies--not that it matters but I think it is fun to recall.

Surrounded By Boys said...

Thanks for all the well wishes, esp for a quick delivery! Although I want to get it over with, I also dread it. Going natural is not a lot of fun!

My other kids were all right around 8 lbs - respectable, but not big. After 2 hours of pushing with the oldest, I was EMBARRASSED he was only 7.14. I insisted they weigh him again - after all that, I just knew he was 16 lbs! Sammy was my biggest at 8.5 and Williams was 8.1.

Michele Renee said...

Yeah but your oldest was just one little finger press on the scale away from 8 lbs and for the first one that is hard! But those first ones do pave the way don't they? My first took his sweet time and I pushed for 2.5 hours and he was 7.8 lbs (he arrived 11 days early). Next one was 8 lbs even. Next one was 9.5 lbs. I went from standing next to my bed, to having him on the bed to being in my arms in 5 mins. I was very shocked he was over 9 lbs. The midwife looked at his upper arms to guess he was over 9 lbs before weighing.
Thinking of you every day!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I'm thinking about you today - your due date.

I pray for an easy delivery and a healthy, happy baby. I can almost smell that newborn baby smell just thinking about it.

Give your precious new one a cuddle from me when you meet him.

Can't wait to see pics of him!