Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little TOO personal!

I was on the phone the other night with my in-laws and my father in law asked "Is it ok if I ask you a really personal question?" Now I don't know about you, but everytime someone asks me that I cringe. I said "yes" because I didn't believe that whatever he asked would be that bad and I was right; he asked "Are you guys done now?" (meaning done having kids). I told him we are done and that all the maternity clothes have already been donated to the pregnancy crisis shelter.

He's not the first to ask this and actually, there haven't been too many people who don't ask us that question. What has been bothering me lately is the number of people who take it one step further and actually ask how Chris and I are going to go about making sure we stick to 4 kids. "So which one of you is going to get fixed?" is something I was asked recently. Who ASKS that??? And if I try to just blow off the question, they still pry and tell me that "you know, natural family planning doesn't always work." Really, people, it's NO ONE'S business how we're going to handle this, is it?

Any ideas of a good comeback to this line of questioning? Am I the only one who would be offended by this???


Queen to my 3 Boys said...


Smile sweetly and tell them you're having WAY too much fun - there's no way you're done yet. You'll be happy with however many the Lord blesses you with before menopause.

That'll learn 'em for being so nosy!

Michele Renee said...

These kinds of questions never cease to amaze me. I have heard of people who have two kids--one boy and one girl, get asked if they are done since they have one of each. And then get all puzzled when these parents go on to have a third child.

Just tell them that you make them so gorgeous why should you stop.
I can't believe asking about the method you will choose to prevent more kids!!!

Lea Liz said...

Yes, Brod sleeps in the bed with us. I knwo everyone has their own personal opinion on this. This is just what we wanted and what works for us.. I love the family bed :) I will deal with him not wanting to get out of our bed later but for now... I love him being in our king size bed with us:)

What did you do? I may be coming to you for tips!!

Kerree said...

How rude! If someone asks you which one is going to get fixed say 'You if you don't stop asking me inappropriate questions.' That should shut them up :)