Friday, October 16, 2009

Upcoming Trip

We are all starting to feel much better around here and I'm so glad, esp as we are looking forward to our trip to Michigan next week. We will leave either next Saturday or Sunday, depending on how anxious we get (most likely Saturday night!) and will be there for just a week. Chris could probably get more time off work if he really wanted to, but we can't take Owen out of school for too long. As it is, he will miss just three days of school since there are no classes the two days prior to Halloween.

Tonight is probably going to be a "Movie Night" at our house. We had one last week when we got "Monsters vs. Aliens" from Netflix:
Owen has been requesting "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for a while now and we finally got it in the mail yesterday. We used to have it on our DVR but it somehow got erased. The boys really like the music in it and Owen and Sammy have always been big fans of anything scary and/or monster-related. I will have to pop popcorn, since that's the only thing that holds William's interest. He delights at having his OWN bowl of popcorn AND being able to eat it on the floor.

I can't believe that movie came out 16 years ago. Gosh, I feel old! I remember well going to see it in the theater with some co-workers and now here I am sharing it with my sons. Where does the time go???

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Michele Renee said...

What a cute and cozy scene! Our boys have loved movie night and I'm afraid we don't have it too much anymore until the holidays come. Then we have to watch Elf, Christmas Vacation and others that we really enjoy. And our floors are wood with an area rug so not as cozy.
So now that two are in middle school I find that we are separating more on other movies that get released during the year.
I have to say that I have never heard of the Nightmare before Christmas. What am I missing???