Thursday, February 18, 2010

A few pics...

Here are the pictures, as promised. I love lining up all the cousins on the couch and trying to get at least one of the pictures to turn out ok. Looks like we failed this time around, but it was still really fun. Mya is the oldest of the grandkids on that Chris's side of the family and she's about 2 months older than Owen. I will never forget how much fun it was to be pregnant at almost the exact same time as Chris's sister.

Ella is her 2nd daughter and she's going to be 4 in May. She and Sammy were inseperable during this visit, as well as when we saw them in Michigan in October. Chris kept calling them and their names said together turned into "Samonilla," which was pretty funny. I sometimes feel badly that we haven't had much of an opportunity to get to know Ella, as she was born just a month before we moved to Wisconsin. I wish we had more time to spend with them, but we do cherish each visit.

And yes, we let our kids play with plastic bags. Look how much fun they were having making them into outfits! Which begs the question, why do I spend the money getting costumes for them every Christmas when they are just as happy with the bags I get FREE at Walmart?

In other news...

You can see how much my boys love to read. Sammy is already reading and likes to share his "Hi Five" magazine with William each month. It gives him an opportunity to be the big brother and show William all he knows.

Owen plays that role with Sammy, too. It's so much fun to see them interract with each other and their different relationships develop. I'm so glad to have been blessed with four children and I have always felt the best gift I could ever give them is each other.

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