Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Scrabble!

Well, it was inevitable that someday we'd get a dog and that someday came yesterday. A couple I work with fosters strays through the local animal shelter and they were telling me about Scrabble back in November. He seemed like the perfect type of dog for our family: 2 years old so out of the puppy stage, small (30 lbs) but not too small that the boys would unintentionally hurt him, low maintenance, and in need of a home. I think it's great that we're teaching the boys how lovable a dog can be, even when it seems no one else wants him. Anyway, here's the newest member of our family... Yes, his one ear flops over like this all the time and we think it's ADORABLE!

He's doing REALLY well adjusting to life with our rather large family. The boys love him and he's VERY gentle and patient with them. He was allowed to jump on couches/beds at his foster home but he's quickly learning that's not acceptable here. He's a black lab/Corgi mix so is very smart and picks up on things very quickly.

The only one who's not real happy with this addition to the family is Dope (the cat.) There was some definite tail-fluffiness at first, but today it's turned into full-body-fluffiness as he seems to be realizing Scrabble's not just visiting. I'm sure he'll get used to him eventually....right?

We're so excited for the weather to warm up and all this snow to melt so we can take Scrabble to Natureland and teach him how to play Frisbee. We also plan on taking at least a couple small camping trips this summer and I'm sure he'll love it!