Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Sammy

He is amazing - always has been - and today he is 6 years old.

I want to clarify here, that it's not just me. EVERYONE who knows him, even for just a few minutes, recognizes his own brand of genius. He is smart - much smarter than he needs to be at this age - and extremely sensitive, too. That's quite a combination in a little boy!

One of my favorite pictures of Sammy, during the monsoon of April 2010.

He is so caring and gentle with babies. When William was born and Sammy was almost 3, I was so worried he would be jealous of the new baby. But instead, he immediately took on the role of big brother and both William and Luke just adore him.

I remember holding Owen as a baby when I was newly pregnant with Sammy, hoping and praying I would have another boy so that they could grow up together as best friends. Well...

Owen and Sammy are 19 months apart in age.

Right after people comment on how intelligent Sammy is, they turn right to his sense of humor. His teacher says that she gets it, but the things he says usually go right over the other kids' heads. Chris and I just think he's hysterical.

It's been difficult for me to let him go out into the world because he's like an amazing jewel I just want to keep to myself for a while longer, before having to share him with others. He is doing so well in kindergarten this year, both socially and academically, and has a few girls after him. When I visit the classroom, they come up and ask me when Sammy can come to their houses to play. Note who he is surrounded by in the below picture of his class...(he's second in from the right, in case you can't spot the red hair.)

Sammy - you are such an incredible, special person and I love you more than you will ever know. Happy 6th Birthday to you!

I want to pull the stars down from the sky
I want to live a day that never dies
I want to change the world - only for you
All the impossible, I want to do.

And every time you touch me, I become a hero
I'll make you safe no matter where you are
And bring you everything you ask for, nothing is above me
I'm shining like a candle in the dark when you tell me that you love me.

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Michele R said...

What a sweet, smart, handsome young man. He is so photogenic! Love the school photo of him with the girls all around.
Happy Birthday Sammy!