Saturday, January 4, 2014

For me!

 Chris bought me a watch for Christmas.  It was a REALLY nice watch - one of those Citizen Eco Drive ones - and it cost over $100.  YIKES!  I've never had a watch that cost that much.  I know it took him a long time to decide on the right one and he read all the rave reviews for it, but when I opened it I couldn't hide my disappointment.  It was a nice watch, but not my style.  I think it's very difficult to choose a watch for another person; I bought one for Chris a few years back and he promptly took it back.

My real issue with the watch was how expensive it was.  I prefer cheap watches because then I don't feel badly when I want to switch it out after a year or two.  This is the same reason I won't spend $400 on a Coach purse; I would have to carry it for a decade to warrant that sort of expense!

He returned my watch and let me order my own.  And I got TWO for $40 - not bad! 

I ordered a classic look for work and if I ever have an opportunity to go somewhere fancy...

And then I ordered a fun one for everyday wear with my jeans...

Isn't it cute?  Those are safety pins with colored beads on them all around the band. 

Another reason it would be difficult for someone else to purchase a watch is wrist sizing.  I had to read the reviews on both of these to make sure they would fit my very small wrists.  I'm happy to report they do, and are really comfortable.

Merry Christmas to me!

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