Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still no pictures

It's so frustrating that Blogger won't allow me to upload pictures - it's been a WEEK!  But I figured I'd better post something anyway, otherwise I will fall out of the habit again.  So here's a random update about what we've been up to:

 - The boys and I started our Unit Study on the Olympics yesterday.  It didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd hoped, but I'm sure it will be better today.  I purchased the download from www.unitstudies.com for just $5.00 last week (price went up to over $10 by now, I think.)  I really like the format and all the links to videos, which keeps the boys interested.  I got a free lapbook download with my purchase, so we will start on that project maybe on Friday.  It will be a nice keepsake for them.

 - Chris is still working crazy hours (7am-7pm) most days but every few days he gets a reprieve and works what he calls his "princess shift," which is just 7am-3pm.  Having him home at 3:30pm is very, very strange.  I actually have to care about what's for dinner now!  It's also hampering my TV schedule; I missed the Bachelor last night because he was home!  Oh, the HORROR!  The kids are really happy to have him home more and we are thinking by early February he should be on his regular "princess" shift full-time, with weekends off. 

 - I have started getting up in the mornings before the kids.  For a long stretch, I was staying up until close to midnight and sleeping until 8 or 8:30am.  That meant we didn't usually start our school day until close to 10am.  With Chris getting up at 5:30am, I am more inspired to get out of bed and have a cup of tea while it's still quiet.  I also stocked up on a few good books, which I'm enjoying.  Right now I'm reading "The Giver," which was recommended to me by one of my former babysitters and it will be made into a movie later this year.

 - We went to our homeschool group's meeting yesterday for "Bubble Science."  One of the mom's led the class - she used to be a science teacher - and it was wonderful! The kids were put into different age groups and had all different experiments to do.  I got to talking to a woman who was new there and she told me the reason she doesn't normally come to the Monday meetings is because she has her kids enrolled in classes at Quest for Kids, a private group in Janesville.  She told me they offer classes every Monday from 10am-2:30pm (with a break for lunch) and that they are AMAZING!  Parents teach everything from ABC's for the little ones, music lessons for the older ones, and she herself teaches a Lego class.  I think it sounds great and she's going to email me more info.

 - Expecting more snow today - just a couple of inches, but enough to freshen it up.  I'm already anxious to sit in the sun in my beloved lawn chair in the driveway and read books, but I realistically know that's 4 months away.  (sigh)  At least we have our vacation to Pigeon Forge, TN to look forward to;  we leave exactly two months from yesterday!  Woo hoo!

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