Saturday, January 4, 2014


William got a little gypped at Christmas.  It's difficult to keep track of exactly how many gifts there are for each kid.  We realized it too late, when we were already in the thick of things with wrapping paper flying everywhere and William just quietly watching everyone else.  He never complained or even said anything, and that made me feel even worse. 
I mentioned it to Chris later and he said that we need to buy him the stuffed cheetah he's been wanting for two years.  Sometimes kids ask for stuff and then forget it later.  (Like when 2 year old Sammy said he wanted Immonium AD because he saw a commercial for it!)  But William has been asking for a stuffed cheetah since before his fifth birthday so it was high time we got him one.
Chris had him pick it out on the internet and use some of his birthday money for it.  When it came, it was a little shocking...
Apparently neither of them read the dimensions because both Chris and William were surprised to see how big this thing is.  William insists on sleeping with it, even though there's very little room left.
You know what the best thing about getting something big is?  The box...

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