Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last Day of Kindergarten

Well, I can't believe this year has gone by so fast! I swear I cried more yesterday on Owen's LAST day of kindergarten than on his first! It seemed so sad to me to have this short chapter of his life over already, never to go back again. At the same time I was sad it was over for him, I was realizing how quickly my own kindergarten experience flew by and far away it is in the rearview mirror of life.
But, anyway - he had a lot of fun. They had a Luau party and Chris took Sammy and William up to school to celebrate with them. Below are a few pictures. The first one is of Owen with his best friend, Josh.
Here they are setting up coconut bowling:
Here's Owen with his teacher, Mrs. Neuwirth. She has been so very kind and patient with him this year and we feel so grateful he ended up in her class. We're definitely going to be sending her some repeat business!
Last time off the school bus as a kindergartener!
Owen brought home a TON of stuff and we're going through it to see what to save. There are so many cute things! I can't believe my mom saved NOTHING from my school experience - not a single paper, art project - NOTHING! I plan to someday organize everything for the boys and give it to them when they grow up and move out. Perhaps I can get into scrapbooking someday...someday far, far in the future.

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