Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone?

Seems like just yesterday we were excited that he was GETTING teeth, and now here he is LOSING them! During the kindergarten field trip to the farm on Thursday, Owen lost his first tooth. He proudly brought it home to us and Chris and I were a little sad. I can't believe that 6 years ago we were about to embark on this journey of parenthood and now we are practically seasoned professionals. It's so amazing how quickly life can change!

I had read a few years ago about a different way to approach the "Tooth Fairy" tradition. As a child, we had put our teeth under our pillows and I believe that's the most common way to do this. I can't recall if we put them in an envelope first or just threw them under there, but I can imagine the difficulty of fishing around trying not to wake the sleeping child. Anyway, the idea that I read about was to put the tooth in a cup of water on the dresser in the child's room. Once Owen was asleep, I took the cup into the kitchen and removed the tooth, replacing it with four quarters. I then added food coloring and glitter so that he would know that a fairy had touched the water. He thought it was GREAT!

Any other interesting twists on this tradition out there? How do you put your own spin on the "Tooth Fairy?"

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