Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I heard Sammy telling a crying Owen the other day, "Owen, that's what boxing is all about. You kick someone in the face and then they heal." I love it when he acts like the authority on everything, especially since he's 19 months younger. Meanwhile, Owen suffered a bloody lip from this "boxing." But of course, as boys will do, they were back at it within a few minutes. They tell me they have to practice boxing or they won't get any better at it.

Chris and I deserve this. When we were first married we lived in an apartment at the end of a dead end street. On our way to and from the apartment, we always had to pass this house on the corner and almost every time there were 3 boys on the front lawn beating the hell out of each other. Both of us thought this was the coolest thing ever! Who would have thought that 8 years later we would be able to see this on a daily basis in our own home? Fantastic! God really does have a sense of humor!


Michele Renee said...

That is too funny that hear you are with your boys doing the same. Some child-free couples will see your boys and they will have the same experience. Mine wrestle with Dad for fun but don't tackle each other too much. Or maybe they do it when I can't see. I just asked them and they say sometimes they do.
Anyway, my hubs is one of 4 boys and two girls and when the boys got older they had like one serious fight with each and then it never happened again. ALSO each boy ended up being a little taller and bigger than the next one (and my hubs is youngest so he is a little bigger than rest). My 3 love hearing that and the youngest says he will be the biggest. So fun to find out if it will be true.
Soon you'll have another to join the tumbling.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Found you through Michele Renee - I also have 3 boyz and love reading your stories! I am a few years ahead of you, as mine are 7-1/2, 5 and 4!

Good luck with #4 - you are far braver than me!