Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Songs

I have songs for each of my boys. These are songs that I began singing to them before they were born and continue to sing to them whenever we get a few quiet moments. I cry whenever I sing them, because I imagine (God-willing) that these are the songs we will one day dance to at their weddings.
For Owen, it's "You Belong To Me" and for Sammy it's "When You Tell Me That You Love Me." I dance with them to the songs whenever I get the chance. William's song is a really old one by the McGuire Sisters that my mom told me is how she feels about me. It's called "May You Always." Here are some of the lyrics:

May you always walk in sunshine
Slumber warm when night winds blow
May you always live with laughter
For a smile becomes you so

May good fortune find your doorway
May the bluebird sing your song
May no trouble travel your way
May no worry stay too long

And may you always be a dreamer
May your wildest dream come true
May you find someone to love
As much as I love you.

I sing this to him every night before he goes to bed and I cherish this time with my little boys. I hope their songs let them know how very special they are to me, each in his own way. I hope to one day be able to keep it somewhat together if we do get to dance to these songs at their weddings, but I doubt it. I'm already a big puddle of mush just thinking about it!


Lindsey said...

What a sweet post!=)

I highly recc the Shred! I have never used Wii Fit, but I adore the Shred so much. I lost 10 pounds the first 30 days I did it! And it's only 20 min so I think it will be perfect for you!=)

Michele Renee said...

That is so neat that you sing to them. I don't have any songs that I sing with mine. Hope everything is going well.