Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ok, you know how they say the camera adds 10 lbs? Well we got ours on sale because it actually adds 50 lbs. At least that's how I feel looking at these pictures of me. Am I really THAT big? I even tried to suck in! Oh well! Nothing I can do about it now!
I no longer look at the scale when they weigh me at the midwife appointments, but was told yesterday that I hadn't gained any weight since my last appointment two weeks ago. A small victory, to be sure! I think I am probably at around 185 lbs now. YIKES! I know 20 lbs will be gone once I deliver, but it's the other 30 I'm worried about.
After William was born in December of 2007, I went on a very healthy diet in order to lose weight for my friend's wedding in October of 2008. I was nursing (which helped a lot) but I also took up running in the AM before work. I fell in love with running and especially with having that quiet time in the morning to myself before anyone else was up. I definitely plan on getting back into morning exercise once this baby is born, although I will most likely have to hold off on running until spring since it will be too dark in the AM to run this fall/winter.
By the time of the wedding last October, I was at the thinnest I'd been in about 10 years - I'd lost a full 30 lbs since I started the diet and felt GREAT! I hope to, again, lose that 30 lbs plus another 10-20 more this time around. Wish me luck! I'll keep you all posted on how it goes!


Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Look at you glow!

I just love, love, love pregnant bellies.

I really need to get around to posting one of me.

Ashley said...

i was huge too! trying to loose the weight also ~ i'm nursing so i think that will help and i've been trying walk everyday! you will be so glad you took pregnancy pictures! i've already been looking back at them and he is only 3 months! enjoy your last couple of weeks! they grow up so fast!

Michele Renee said...

You look great!!! I love looking at photos of when when I was pregnant. Cherish these last few weeks of baby all snuggled inside.
Hope you have a good last week at work! Is this your 2nd baby at this job?

Lea Liz said...

Hey!! I thought I had been a follower of your blog and wondered why you never posted and then I realize I wasn't a follower!!!! But I sure am now!!

I think you look great!! I gained 65 lbs with Brody and I have about 10-15 more to go.. I really haven't started doing anything yet but nurings had really helped me I just can't get motivated to workout.. you would think I would since i want ot fit into my old clothes :) lol

I love your belly!!!!!!!!