Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smooth Sailing from Here On In! nice to have this weekend over with. I was pretty much on my feet and running around for 9 hours straight yesterday and yes, it did turn out to be around 90 degrees. Going outside was like walking into an oven! The humid air would blast you in the face as soon as you opened the door. I was very lucky though, because at least the rain let up by noon so the ground dried out and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Trying to get 350 people wrangled into dinner wasn't easy. My job is about 50% crowd control. We do our best to predict what the guests will do and plan ways to veer them the way we want them to go, but it doesn't always work. Another thing that is difficult to predict is the timing. Last night dinner was supposed to be served at 7pm, but we were an hour late. I hate to nag at the bride and groom to get things moving when they are visiting with people they probably haven't seen in years, people who've probably traveled a long way to be there. But all I can think about is the food that was ready 45 minutes ago and is sitting in a hot box getting really disgusting! I do talk to couples about this during the planning stages, but all that goes out the window on their wedding day. All in all, though, they were happy with everything last night and I went home happy - hobbled, but happy. I used my back brace but there's only so much that can help me when I'm 5 weeks from my due date.

I have one more very small (35 ppl) wedding on August 22nd and that's the last one I will have to work before my leave. I do also have our neighborhood block party that I'm helping to host on August 30th. I swear I am going to try to take it easy after that!

On another note, my sweet mom bought me two pair of the BEST pajamas ever! They are from and I just love them! They are cotton and spandex so they stretch over my tummy right now so I'm enjoying them a little bit early. I have had the same pair of nursing pajamas since Owen was born and I really don't like them at all because they have those big slits in the front, which are not good when I have these little boys in the house. I've had a couple of "wardrobe malfunctions" with them and now that Owen is 6, that's probably not such a good thing. Anyway, thanks Mom! You're the best!

Chris took some pictures of the boys at their Vacation Bible School last week so I'll be posting those soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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The Lynch's said...

I just stumbled to your blog! I'm a stay @ home momma of 4 boys and saw that you are expecting #4! Congrats! I will be reading to see your life with 4 boys ~ I'm loving every minute of my very busy life! Ha!