Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We had a bit of an accident Saturday morning. I was sitting in the lawnchair in the driveway (since that's about all I'm capable of these days: sitting) and watching the kids play. At one point William came to sit in his little kiddie lawnchair and as he climbed into it, it toppled over
right into my chair. He must have hit his poor eye right against part of the metal frame of mine. There was a lot of crying, but thankfully no blood (I HATE blood!). He wouldn't allow me to ice it at all but did allow me to take this picture about 10 minutes after it happened:

I have been taking pictures of it because it's just amazing to me, how quickly it's healing. It's almost like watching time-lapse photography! Every day it looks completely different than the day before and I really think that this horrible black eye will be nothing but a memory in another 5 days or so. Here's a picture of it Sunday before we went to church:
I skipped Monday but took two pictures of it today, one before I left for work and one when I got home. Yes, I thought it looked THAT different in less than 10 hours.

I think that the human body's capability to heal itself is the most miraculous thing, and even more so when you're young and it's so fast. Getting older sucks for many reasons, not the least of which is how much slower we heal. I have a mosquito bite from 2 months ago that is still a red pock mark on my forearm. And I remember how long it would take small cuts on my grandma's hands to heal. Those were cuts that she had accidentally inflicted upon herself with her own fingernails. Her skin became so paper-thin and she wouldn't even notice when she did it but then they would be open wounds for weeks and weeks.

Thankfully, this injury never seemed to bother William other than when it first happened. I never needed to give him any sort of painkiller to help him sleep or anything and I'm really glad for that, as I avoid medication as much as possible. Better to allow your body to do what it's designed to do, in my opinion.


Breadwinner Wife said...

You know what? I actually stay away from the vast majority of VH1 reality dating shows! Including Rock of Love. I think I did keep track of the first I Love New York season, but that's about as far as that goes! haha I prefer to watch somewhat sane people date each other.

Michele Renee said...

I used to be in the lawn chair in the driveway ALL the time. I bet it is hard to imagine one day they can play outside and you will be inside the house. Poor guy! It is amazing how the body heals itself many times.

And you know I REALLY love your last sentence ;)

Speaking of which, hope you are still liking the midwife. Are there several at the office?