Monday, May 30, 2011

A Decade

Has it really been ten years? I was trying to remember what I thought life with Chris would be like on May 26, 2001. I know that I thought for our 10 year anniversary we'd take a trip back out to the coast of Washington State and stay in Cabin #10 at the Klaloch Lodge again, just as we did on our honeymoon. Did I think by then we'd have any kids, much less FOUR? I guess not.

Well, we didn't take a trip for our anniversary but a few people did...
From left: my nieces Elizabeth (top) and Erica, BIL Keith, sister Katie, our family, my mom (next to me) and Chris's parents.

And there was no place I'd rather have been.

We had a wonderful visit with everyone. My brother and his family arrived later on Thursday evening so didn't make the ceremony but it was great to see them. My family all left on Saturday and Chris's parents left on Sunday morning. It's seemed really quiet ever since.

I am so fortunate to have friends in the wedding business; Marcia officiated the ceremony, Matt did the pictures and Renee made the bouquets for my sister and I. My friend, Stephanie, also got us a wonderful suite at The Grand Geneva. I got to watch TV from a huge jacuzzi - what a treat! I owe them all a tremendous amount of gratitude for helping to make our anniversary celebration one to remember!

So here's my favorite picture of our family. It wasn't easy to get the kids to all look at the camera at the same time AND not act goofy. I especially like William's expression in this one...

I am so grateful for the tremendous blessings of the last ten on to the next ten!

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