Wednesday, May 4, 2011


That's exactly how I feel right now: useless. Today my co-workers, in an effort to move forward, have divided up my work so that now I officially have NOTHING to do. Until next Friday, I have to sit here at my computer doing absolutely nothing for 9.5 hours per day. For anyone who's ever been chained to a desk, you know what this feels like.

But the worst part is that while I sit here, I know there are little boys at home who love and miss me. Yes, I'm getting paid to sit here but it's a pretty dismal way to spend most of my waking hours when I know what's waiting for me at home.

Regardless, I will do it. Only seven more days....66.5 hours...3,990 more minutes....until I'm FREE!

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Katie A. said...

Could you go ahead and start trying to work on your new business? Start trying to get some clients or something? It's amazing how quickly you can reach the end of the internet when you are stuck at a desk with nothing to do!