Monday, May 16, 2011


I took Scrabble on our usual 2 mile walk this morning and watched the sun coming up over the lake. There was a difference this morning, though: I didn't have to watch the clock and worry about being late for work. Wow, it still hasn't hit me.

I have already received a referrel for a wedding next April and so I will meet with them this Friday evening. Prior to that I have a TON of stuff to prepare: price lists, contracts, credit card authorization forms, etc. I went to an accountant this morning and set up an LLC and will go to the bank tomorrow to set up my business account. I guess I didn't realize how quickly things would start happening for me, but I'm so grateful for all of it!

I have two other potential weddings on the line, too, for next summer. And I haven't even "officially" launched yet! It's going to be a very busy couple of weeks around here but beginning in June, I will really be hitting the pavement and trying to get my name out.

We are also really excited to have our families coming up next week for our 10 year vow renewal. It's so nice of them to make the trip out here to celebrate with us. Although we do love living here in Wisconsin, it's hard to be away from our families so much. Hopefully we will do well enough this summer to allow us a trip to Michigan later in the year, too.

Happy Monday!

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Katie A. said...

So excited for you!!! Look forward to the day I don't have to worry about watching the clock in fears that I'll be late to work!