Friday, May 22, 2009

Looking FORWARD to the weekend and BACK to how it all started...

It's going to be great to get out of work today and know I have FOUR WHOLE DAYS to spend with my boys! Chris will work this weekend, but we will have TWO days together as a family, as we both have Monday and Tuesday off. It's so incredibly rare for us to have a whole day to spend as a family, much less two, and it's something we are all really excited about.

Tuesday is Chris and I's wedding anniversary - eight whole years! I think about how innocent we were then, not really thinking much past the honeymoon, and how many things have changed since that rainy day in May of 2001. At the time, we were excited to move into our little one bedroom apartment with Sir (Chris's cat). The apartment had the most beautiful view of a park with a canal running through it and a decaying cement bridge crossing it. It was like something out of a picture and we thought it was the most perfect place to start our married life together.

Fast forward eight years and here we are in a different state, in our second house and with 3.5 kids. Unfortunately, we lost Sir in January so he can't be here to celebrate with us. (Still very sad about that!) It's amazing how quickly things change and the direction life takes us!

When we first got married, I told Chris that for our five year anniversary, I wanted him to get a larger diamond for my ring. By the end of the first year, I had already changed that request to be a Filter Queen vacuum - so funny how your priorities change! Then, within two years of being married, I wanted us to vacation on our five year anniversary. None of that happened - I don't even really remember much about our five year anniversary, except that we had two kids and were about to move to Wisconsin. I can tell you that even for our 10 year anniversary, I can't imagine getting that 2nd honeymoon because we will have FOUR kids by then, including an 18 month old!

So how are anniversaries spent now? Well this year we were going to get a couples massage and go out to dinner. After really thinking about it, we reconsidered and decided we'd like to take the family to the zoo. Isn't that what it's really about now for us? When we got married WE became a family, but now our family includes 3 cute little guys who are the joy of our life. Our anniversary is about celebrating the family we created - one that keeps growing! - and so we decided to include ALL of us in the celebration. Makes sense, no?

Have a great holiday weekend, no matter what you end up doing!


Michele Renee said...

We have been married for 22 years. We have always had something going on like saving for a house or new babies or whatever. I just relax about the date and decided to not be a stickler about having to do something for a special year such as the 10th or 20th. It's true that all the vacations have been with the kids. Now that they are 12, 11 and 8 we have had some quick weekends away (just a few) and that is fun.
Yeah for days off from work!!!! I am going to take mine to see Night at the Museum probably today.

Surrounded By Boys said...

Wow! 22 years is a loooong time! That means you were married for 10 years before kids!

How was the movie? I am excited to see "G-Force" this summer, as we LOVE guinea pigs!