Friday, May 1, 2009

No longer a cat lover!

When we painted the walls in the living room to match the furniture, I knew I would have to really amp up the red accents. My mom is working hard on the red pillows for the couches and I got red curtains for the living room, but felt it needed something else. Here's a picture of how it looks so far (minus the pillows, of course):

I know, I know...accessories are going to make a big difference once we get those going. And the blank wall over the couch will, of course, eventually have the PERFECT piece of artwork, complete with some sort of red something in it. But I still felt I needed MORE red to bring it all together. Enter....the bench:
I had come SOOOO close to purchasing this Lorraine Red Leather Storage Bench about a month ago when it was on sale, but hadn't yet started the "project" so didn't want to go overboard. But when it went on sale again at, I just couldn't resist. It's hard to tell color on line, but I hoped it would be the right shade of red and it IS! It arrived while I was at work on Wednesday and I was soooo excited to come home and see how it looked.

At first Chris had put it in front of the couch for use as an ottoman, but since the room is kind of small and the kids like to have lots of room to fight....err, I mean PLAY...I moved it to underneath the window. It was the perfect size and height to make a great windowseat and it also opens up for storage. It's made of a beautiful, supple red leather and even my husband LOVED it, mostly because he didn't have to put it together AT ALL - even the legs came attached! I sat on the couch and stared at it all night and woke up the next morning happy it was in the house. :)

Then we caught the cat clawing the top of it and it looks like he was at it all night. And that's all I have to say about that. :(

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Michele Renee said...

We bought a leather couch a couple years ago. I like cats, hubby doesn't and we'd have world war III if anything happened to the furniture. Nuff said. Sorry about yours!!