Friday, May 15, 2009

Love from Home (in the form of sugary soda pop)

Well the in-laws are here. They arrived last night with the rest of the stuff for my remodeling project (curtains and pillows) so I will be posting pictures of the finished product soon. Even Chris, who was not at all enthused about the project while it was going on, was duly impressed with how it all turned out. The house looked so "sterile" before, with all the white paint and white blinds, but now it looks much more cozy and less like we're renting the place!

I am also VERY excited to report that I received TWO 12-packs of my all time favorite beverage: Faygo Redpop. Ahhhhh! They sure do know the way to my heart! Absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder when it comes to Redpop. The boys love it, too, and I have to share (BOO!) but it's ok because I like introducing them to things I loved as a child.

Do you have a favorite childhood food or beverage that you just don't get that much of anymore? Maybe it's not even made anymore. Or maybe there's something you loved as a child and could not possibly stomach now. For me, that's circus peanuts - those marshmallowy orange candy things. YUK!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Lea Liz said...

Glad you got your red pop lol!!
Yes, we really took Brody to the movies! This was the 3rd time!! He did pretty good, he napped awhile and then sat on my lap and then I took him out like the last 20 mins to feed him!!