Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Eldest Son

Yes, this is the same cat who clawed up my new ottoman, but I have forgiven him now and think this is a beautiful picture of him. His name is Dope and he's 7 years old now. He started out as "Opie" and quickly became "Ope A Dope" when we realized he's not very bright. Eventually, we started just calling him "Dope" and it's stuck. The kids don't have any idea he ever had another name. Even little William can say Dope and loves to pet him. He's fairly good with the kids - when he's had enough, he just runs the other way.

People who have pets instead of kids, always think of them as their "babies." That's just how I was with Dope for the first year of his life. He slept on my pillow nestled in my hair and curled up on the couch with me everytime I sat down. We took a MILLION pictures of our cats before we had kids, but this is the first picture we've taken of Dope in probably a year now. Once we had Owen, everything changed. It's not that we love Dope any less, but now we love our kids sooooo much more.

Chris wants to get another cat soon, but I am not sold on the idea. Pets are a lot of work (even cats) and we're too busy to really appreciate pets at this point in our lives. I'd rather just stick with Dope and then see where we are in a few years, once the kids are older. Besides, I know it's just a matter of time before the boys start begging for a dog and I'm bracing up for that.

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Michele Renee said...

Hi there,
I have caught up on several of your posts so go back and check your comments. THAT is a great picture of your cat. We had two cats long before we had kids and fortunately they lived long lives and I still miss them. We also had two dogs and they lived their long lives too. Just fish now. My hubs would have gone CRAZY if a cat damaged the furniture. Our cat did damage furnitire in the past so I can see it happening again. It's true how you take a zillion photos of the cats before kids!