Sunday, May 10, 2009

Over 1/2 Way There!

Here's what 21 weeks pregnant looks like on me! By the 4th one, you get big FAST! My mother in law sent me a BUNCH of new maternity clothes she found at a 2nd hand store and this is my favorite shirt - great color, huh? She sent me so many new things, I am going to have to get pregnant several more times to get her money's worth! (TOTALLY KIDDING!)
This is definitely the last pregnancy and there are things I won't miss, but one thing I WILL miss is maternity pants. Just slide them up, slide them down - no buttons or zippers or belts to mess with. Now I know why there are so many elastic waist pants in stores, even though they are in NO WAY flattering on anyone! I guess when you get to a certain age, convenience trumps style. Until then, I will spend the next several months enjoying being allowed to wear pants that slide up and down, and being able to look huge and be told I'm "glowing." I need to appreciate pregnancy for its few perks and relish this last time around.

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