Saturday, November 16, 2013

Slow Week

We had a pretty light week of school this week.  It was our second week on Brazil/South America and the kids were a little bored with it.  The best part of this unit has been learning about the rain forests.  The boys especially liked a book called "The Ultimate Field Trip" about a group of 7th and 8th graders who went to the rain forest for two weeks.  They lived in huts, used outhouses and got eaten alive by bugs.  It was written by the kids themselves, so it was really interesting to hear their points of view. 
To get us out of our school doldrums, I planned a cute fall craft for the boys on Tuesday morning.  It was easy enough that even Luke could participate.  I made an example tree before we started:
The tree is made from a brown paper lunch bag.  You cut strips about halfway down and then twist the trunk and the strips to look like branches.  Easy concept, but a little challenging for the boys.
Here's Luke patiently waiting for us to get started:

I twisted the trunks for the little boys, but made Owen and Sammy do their own. 

William enjoyed twisting his branches all by himself.  I had to help Luke.

The cat is never far from the action.

After the branches were all twisted, I had them glue little cut pieces of colored paper on for leaves.  That was the one part Luke did all by himself and, boy, was he proud of the finished product!

I also printed out a bunch of Thanksgiving-themed sheets for the little boys to do. 

I was cracking up when William started talking about the "bananas" on his worksheet.  I had to go look to see what he was talking about; it was corn. 
This week we move on to Europe and start out in Norway.  We are going to try to pack two weeks of work into this week so that we can come back from Michigan after Thanksgiving and start fresh in a new country. 
We're all so excited about our trip and can't wait to see our family! 

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